Working at Bonnier Magazine and with Sony Music in the early 2000s I came to meet lots of inspiring photographers. Meetings that aroused my interest for the world of photography and fortunately led me to change path in life and focus on photography full time.

As a photographer I'm dedicated, thorough and well prepared. Often testing light and image before the actual shooting. Im a bit geeky regarding my interest in light and technology, and loves when an assignment requires unexpected solutions.

I love being part of the image, making plans together with the stylist, Art Director or client. Im often involved in the arrangement of the set, painting backgrounds, re-decorating floors and fixing the small details, an engagement often enriching the final result. On a weekday you might therefore find me visiting a flea market in order to find the perfect detail for an upcoming picture.

My strong desire and ambition is also for everyone to have an enjoyable time visiting my studio. 

Clients: SAS - Scandinavian Airlines. Sveriges Riksdag - The Government of Sweden, Hallbergsguld, Nordisk Råvara, Stockholms Dramatiska Högskola, Scan, Clas Ohlson, Guldfynd, Delicato, Universal, Elgiganten, Marabou, COOP, Scan, Eucerin, DDB, MASI, Sommarnöjen, Aftonbladet, ELLE Sweden, Damernas Värld, Arla, Salma Lax, Santa Maria, Tidningen Faktum, MAMA and many more

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